SUPREME HOSPITAL, with a motto to provide Quality Healthcare at Affordable Costs. It has a fully equipped centre of international standards for Surgery and Medicine. SUPREME HOSPITAL is a patient friendly hospital fully alive to the pain and suffering and sensitive to the concerns and worries of the patient as well as the relatives. It is a hospital that would try to mitigate the suffering and relieve the stress and anxiety by providing the services that are acceptable, affordable, safe and reliable. It is a hospital with friendly and sympathetic staff, inspiring faith and confidence and having a reputation for good quality services at a reasonable cost. Some of our attributes of a patient friendly hospital are as discussed below. SUPREME HOSPITAL is governed by the governing board, board of directors & management team members to achieve its mission

Display of Important Information

Information about the specialties /services available, the names of specialists is displayed at prominent places in the OPD as well as reception.

Parking Traffic Control

There is safe and adequate space for parking of vehicles and specific demarcated area for Ambulance parking. The parking place has adequate security & lighting facility. Traffic routes are so designed to ensure smooth and quick flow without any bottlenecks.

Help and Guidance

The hospital reception has staff well uniformed, well informed, articulate in communication, energetic and willing to guide and help the visitors. The hospital has an efficient telephonic enquiry office that “actually responds” and quickly gives the desired information. Availability of ambulance facility is ready whenever required

Out-patient and Emergency Services

The hospital has a first come first serve basis of OPD. The queue system is implemented for patients coming for investigations. The staffs are punctual and the patients do not have to wait for long periods. Hospital has a policy and procedure to ensure that all emergency cases are promptly attended to and no patient is denied life/limb saving treatment/resuscitation regardless of paying capacity. Attendants/ward boys/transport team is available at the entrance to OPD/emergency to help the visually/physically challenged and the seriously sick requiring wheelchairs/trolleys. Availability of adequate number of wheelchairs at all times at the entrance. To ensure that, the hospital has to device a system of quick return of the wheelchairs/trolleys after leaving the patient at the desired department.

Waiting Areas

There is adequate, comfortable, well lit and ventilated waiting space with arrangement for drinking water, toilets, reading material (brochures/pamphlets/news papers/magazines) and wherever waiting is anticipated such as at reception, OPD/emergency, diagnostic areas, OT, wards, dialysis centre, ICU.

In patient Areas

Efficient admission process with speedy documentation and arrangement for safe transfer of patient to the ward where the bed is ready by the time the patient reaches. Patients getting admitted, are informed/ educated about the accommodation, facilities available, the room tariff, the daily routine such as timings of doctors rounds, linen change, housekeeping, meal timings, visiting hours, security of patients, the rights and responsibilities of the patients/relatives and the system of problem solving and grievance redressal mechanism. There is a system of welcome and briefing by the floor in charge and the sister in charge on reaching the ward. The briefing includes, in addition to the information given in the patient’s guide book, information about the bedside nurse call system, the location of switches and sockets, the hot and cold water, the nurse call system installed in the toilet and the choice of meals.
Being a new and different kind of place, a patient takes time to get used to. To facilitate the process of settling down the sister in charge does a periodic check whether the patient is comfortable or needs any help. The doctors/nurses and other staff have a proactive approach to ensure that the patients are comfortable. A system of periodic briefing of the patient’s relatives (frequency depending upon the seriousness of patient) about the progress of the case is also done.
Adequate security system to ensure safety and security of patients & belonging

Patients Participation in the Decision Making

There is a conscientious effort by the hospital to fully inform the patients/relatives about the patient’s disease, the investigations necessary, the treatment options available, the advantages/disadvantages of various options, the prognosis, the time involved, the possible complications and the likely expenditure, before admission/ any procedure so that the patient/relatives can make informed decisions. No major/risky procedures are carried out without full understanding and informed consent of the patient/relatives.

Cost of Treatment

The tariff list is available at the reception, billing as well as OPD registration for information of the patients/relatives. A realistic written estimate of expenditure is provided to the patient/relative at the time of admission and it is ensured that final bill more or less conforms to that. In case of any unexpected events/complications, the doctor briefs the patient/relatives in detail about the complication, the treatment measures to be taken and the effects including the additional expenditure likely, if any. The revised estimate is given to the patient in writing (duly acknowledged by the patient/relative).

Ethical Considerations

Respect for privacy and Dignity of patients
It is a part of the hospital’s work culture to show utmost respect for the patients and all staff ensures that, during the course of examination, investigations or treatment, they do everything possible to uphold the dignity and privacy of patients.

Healthy Environment

• The hospital has a high level of hygiene and sanitation with high standard of cleanliness to ensure infection free environment and odour free toilets.
• The system ensures pollution free and healthy environment in and around the hospital by preventing air/water/surface pollution and controlling noise levels so as to provide quiet and pleasant surroundings for early healing.

Convenience of the Relatives

• Visiting hours are convenient to the patients relatives and at the same time do not cause any disturbance to the patients as well as functioning of the staff.

Dietary/ Canteen service

Ensuring that the food/snacks supplied at the canteen or by the dietary services, are fresh, hygienic and catering to a wide variety of tastes